£50 Cashback on Contract Cleaning Services

The Easiest Bit of Money You’ll Ever Earn

If you’re based in Liverpool and in need of contract cleaning services then we have a little gift for you.

If you take out a six month commercial cleaning contract with Liverpool Commercial Cleaners in January you will receive £50 cashback upon signature of the contract.

It’s as simple as that.

Best Commercial Cleaning Prices in Liverpool AND Cashback

Liverpool Commercial Cleaners offers dedicated commercial contract cleaning services to businesses in and around the Liverpool area.

We specialise and work only in the local area – keeping travel times and costs to a minimum – we are able to offer amongst the most competitive commercial cleaning prices around.

Right now, if you sign a contract with us, as well as benefiting from the best commercial cleaning prices in the city you will also receive a signing bonus of £50 cash.

We’ll provide you with a convenient, professional service, a competitive price and a free gift.

What more could you ask for?

Tried and Tested Contract Cleaning Services

Of course price is important to any business but it’s not the only factor.

If you’re going to let a contract cleaning service onto your premises – perhaps out of hours or maybe at a time when we could come into contact with your customers – you’re going to want to know that you can trust them.

We do our best to provide every assurance that you can trust Liverpool Commercial Cleaning to both clean and represent your business to a level you will be proud of.

Our family run team has years of track record working with all manner of organisations – both public and private sector – and we have the testimonials to back that up.

Every member of staff undergoes training before working for us and every member of staff has been DBS checked for your additional peace of mind.

So if you’re in the market for commercial cleaning services why not sign one of the most competitive commercial cleaning contracts there is AND make yourself £50 in the process?