Will you be hiring our end of tenancy cleaners?

Could you save your end of tenancy cleaning costs?

More people move house in spring and summer than at any other time of year, so naturally our end of tenancy cleaners are now starting to be contacted about more end of lease cleaning jobs than we were over the winter.

If you’re planning a move, perhaps you’ve ruled out booking an end of tenancy cleaner in favour of clearing the place out yourself for financial reasons but that decision doesn’t always pay.

Why book end of tenancy cleaners?

As everybody knows, moving house can be a stressful time.

Cleaning your old place as you leave is going to be just one line on your long to-do list.

Conversely, we specialise in end of lease cleaning services. Your cleaning job is our top priority.

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, the chances are that it will have sustained wear and tear AND that you may be blind to some of that, having become accustomed to seeing it. That doesn’t mean that your landlord has.

In order to get your deposit back you’re going to need to hand over the keys to a place in as good a condition as you found it. That can be easier said than done without the help of end of tenancy cleaners.

Rather than forgoing that security deposit, you could stand yourself a much better chance of getting it back by paying us to carry out and end of lease cleaning.

The end of lease cleaning cost could well be much lower than the amount you stand to get back in the form of a returned deposit, thereby saving your cost entirely.

Either way, you will probably pay for end of tenancy cleaners

Did you know that we are the preferred end of tenancy cleaners used by many Liverpool landlords? Most landlords don’t clean empty properties themselves.

When they need to, they draft us in to do it for them AND if their tenant has left the place in need of a deep clean they may take that price, plus an admin fee, out of the tenants security deposit.

If your landlord has to hire us as end of tenancy cleaners the chances are that you’ll pay more for our services than you would have done had you booked us yourself, so why take the risk? If you’re planning a spring/summer move, contact us for a quotation.

The price of an end of lease cleaning is probably less than you think and most certainly worth it.