Budget for business cleaning services in 2017

Leave it to the Liverpool Commercial Cleaners

At this time of year, as you review the year’s spend and allocate the budget for the next financial period, spare a thought to your commercial cleaning and how our business cleaning services could be of help.

Are you happy with your current commercial cleaning services?

Business cleaning services, like many other service industries such as banks, energy providers etc, can often go under the radar for long periods.

We get used to the services we are receiving.

We recognise our office the way it is and, as long as someone empties the bin, we are often happy with the status quo.

However, in the same way that there could be better banking deals out there and more economical gas and electricity providers if only we took the time to look, you might find better priced, higher levels of business cleaning service on offer if you shopped around.

This is the ideal time or year to shine a spotlight on the services you are receiving.

Ask yourself whether your office cleaning is truly up to standard. If your space isn’t spotless, why not reach out to us here at Liverpool Commercial Cleaners? We could well be able to beat your current quote and improve the business cleaning services that you are receiving at the same time.

It pays to shop around for office cleaning

Price is not the only important consideration when it comes to business cleaning services.

Your commercial cleaning services should work around you.

If you want your office cleaning team to do their work late at night, after your team leaves for the day that is your prerogative.

If yours is a 24 hour business and your business cleaning services need to happen while your staff and customers are still on the premises, you need to know that they are being carried out by operatives that represent your business as well as you do yourself.

Shopping around for the right provider pays in more ways than one.

We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing.

We also work at whatever time you need us to, day or night.

We’re a reliable, family run company with a proven track record and all of our cleaning team is DBS checked and certified for your added peace of mind.

We provide free, no obligation quotations on request for commercial cleaning services throughout Liverpool and the surrounding areas.
When you’re planning next year’s budget, why not find out what we could offer?